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A Visit at the school of The Border Security Force


On 10.7.2022 the Buda family and other families were invited to the new Commemoration and Heritage Room at the school of the Israeli Army’s Border Security Force.

Ariel is commemorated here along with other fallen soldiers, as it was the last place in which he served while completing an Officers Course and before he became a victim of a terror attack.

The head of the school Colonel Erez Elkabetz, and his staff, warmly welcomed all the families, accompanying us throughout the whole visit.

The invitation to the event

The invitation to the event

A letter from the commander

A letter from the commander

azkra 2021

The Remembrance Day for the Fallen Israeli Soldiers, May 2022

There were some ceremonies and events regarding Ariel:

Presentation in the “Remez” School, Rishon LeZion

Ceremony at the Pre-Military Academy at Jaffo

Interview with Inon Buda at “Galei Zahal”


Ceremony at the Jewish Liberal Community Hannover, Germany