After the Remembrance Day for the Fallen Israeli soldiers
in April 2021 we included ‎here some new items.

Memorial tributes from the ceremony at the home of Ariel's sister Dikla.

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An Interview with Itay Behar, belonging to the song "Le'ehov" (to love),

written by late Ariel.
Itay composed the music and performed it for the project

"These are my brothers"

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You are invited to see new  items from the last IDF Soldier's Memorial Day. 


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Ariel’s website is now updated. You have the possibility to write a few words in the new guest book and/or to light a candle in his  memory. 

There is a WhatsApp-Group in honor of Ariel. We'll be glad to expand this group with friends or relatives.

Please contact one of the Buda family.

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