Commemoration for Ariel, 15 years since he abandoned us

Due to the Covid19 lockdown, we were unable this year to hold the regular annual commemoration for our beloved Ariel. Due to the restrictions of Covid19, only Ariel’s brothers and his mother went to the Kyriat Shaul cemetery on Wednesday, 30.9.2020. Since there was no “minyan”, “Kaddish” could not be said in his remembrance.
Suddenly, we were amazed to hear a cantor singing somewhere in the cemetery.  We started walking in the direction of the voice and met, much to our surprise, the military cantor who had been the cantor for our commemoration services over the years. He was accompanied by 10 soldiers. They had been sent to the cemetery by the military Rabbinate with the task of completing Minyans for the fallen soldiers and their families, according to lockdown regulations.
The cantor came to Ariel’s grave and continued the commemoration service, enabling Ariel’s brothers to say the “Kaddish”.
The cantor told the soldiers that this family is usually accompanied by many relatives and friends for the commemoration.
We will not forget this very special commemoration during the Corona days.

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